Listening Space

If you're just listening to get some ideas, this Listening Space may be your best place to start. Below are playlists organized by category.

All demos, alphabetical

The full catalog of charts available in the Chart Store, all in one place for easy access, and organized alphabetically in case you know what tune you're looking for already.



New This Year (2019-20)

Usually in late may May or early June, I'll add a bunch of new charts to the catalog (and occasionally I'll add some in between). These are all the charts that were added in the most recent big update.

New Last Year (2018-19)


Starter Series

Level 1 and 2, very often SAB, SSAB, or non-splitting SATB charts, geared towards groups just getting their feet wet with vocal jazz.  



Whether they're arranged in a "standard" manner or not, the source material for these is considered to be in the canon of "standard" jazz repertoire.


For Women's Groups

Sopranos and Altos only (with varying divisi).


A Cappella

Charts for voices only.  

Swing Charts

Spang, spang-a-lang.


Cutting Edge

These are the charts that I believe to be the most adventuresome in my catalog, regardless of difficulty level. They range from edgy pop material to especially modern jazz sounds, and they work well to separate your group from the others at festivals and to challenge your audience to reconsider what vocal jazz groups can do!


Pop Tunes

...and by pop, it could be Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Radiohead, Bjork, Imogen Heap, Sting, or many others.  Often, in this catalog, these are the tunes that end up getting the most creative arranging treatment, since they're often well-known tunes for your audience already. Throw them a curveball with some reharmonization and surprising rhythmic stuff...


Openers and Closers

When you're planning a three or four-tune festival set, openers and closers come in mighty handy!  These are charts with impact, often written for the specific purpose of wowing the audience at the start or finish of a show.


Retired Charts/Out of Print

This category is more for fun and nostalgia, but for a number of potential reasons, these demo recordings are for charts that are not currently available in the catalog. Some may return revised and re-licensed, but many are from my earlier days of writing and recording and don't quite live up to the standard that I'm hoping to maintain for my catalog as it moves forward.