Otoño (SATB - L4)



SATB with minimal divisi for S2 and Baritone.
David von Kampen's wordless arrangement of a beautiful Vince Mendoza composition in tribute to Autumn, featuring solo space for improvising vocalists or instrumentalists. The use of palmas (one or two people performing hand claps) and cajón (a "box" drum commonly used in modern jazz as its origin in Peruvian music, very useful for a cappella songs, in place of vocal percussion) produces a uniquely relaxed texture on which the vocalists sing Mendoza's legato, syncopated lines. The chord progression subtly drives the piece forward in what feels like a series of circular expressions. This will make a wonderfully artistic form of abstract expression for your ensemble!
Notated piano and bass parts, percussion (suggested cajón and palmas/hand clapping. Other Latin percussion options also functional)

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