NEW MUSIC for 23-24! More than fifty new charts coming through the Fall!
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      Premium Collection

      The charts in the premium collection are available by special arrangement in which I will apply for and purchase a "Permission To Arrange" license specifically for your group since a normal print sales license is not available to third party publishers. Your purchase covers the cost of this license and a modest processing fee on top of the usual cost of the Chart and Demo, and, as an added incentive, includes all available Part Tracks, Part MINUS Tracks and Rhythm Tracks for that arrangement for no additional charge. 

      Premium Collection charts will only be delivered once I've been able to secure your Permission To Arrange license has been obtained through Tresona Music, at which point I'll deliver all of your materials. This may take as little as one day and as much as two weeks. If your license is not granted by Tresona for some reason, I will issue you a full refund for your purchase price.

      After you complete your purchase of a Premium Collection chart, please contact me via email to start the process of obtaining your Permission To Arrange license, so I can deliver your chart as quickly as possible.

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