Jarrett Johnson

Jarrett Johnson

Jarrett Johnson is a highly accomplished singer, songwriter, vocal arranger, and vocal contractor based in Los Angeles. With a passion for music that began in his early childhood, Jarrett's journey has taken him from singing in church choirs and musical theater productions to performing on the Grammy stage and touring the world.

After graduating from college, Jarrett and six fellow a cappella group members embarked on a successful 12-year professional touring career. Following the group's evolution and a calling to pursue his dreams, Jarrett and his wife, Andréa, made the leap to Los Angeles. There, he aspired to become a renowned songwriter and artist, following in the footsteps of icons like Babyface and Ne-Yo.

Throughout his career, Jarrett has established himself as a respected musician in various arenas, known for his exceptional skill in creating harmonies. His diverse resume includes work as a corporate band singer, a cappella singer, backing vocalist for renowned entertainers, and session vocalist for film and television projects.

One of Jarrett's most cherished experiences was co-writing the lead single and title track for Quincy Jones' album "Soul Bossa Nostra." During the video shoot, Jarrett had the privilege of sitting with the legendary producer, who shared incredible stories about his life in the industry and praised Jarrett's rendition of "Soul Bossa Nova."

Another defining moment in Jarrett's career was being invited to join the iconic vocal group Take 6 for Japanese and European tours in 2016. Having long admired the group, Jarrett considered it a dream come true to fill in for their baritone on multiple tours, forging lifelong friendships and singing some of the most incredible music imaginable.

Jarrett takes great pride in being part of the supportive Los Angeles vocal community, where artists act as agents for one another, opening doors and fostering career growth. He remains grateful for the love and encouragement within this thriving community and the countless individuals who have helped shape his journey.

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Jarrett Johnson

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