Roller Coaster (Dirty Loops adaptation) - (SSAATB L5)



Really, what can one say? Dirty Loops craziness once again making Justin Bieber as hip as imaginable, turned into a super-aggressive vocal jazz chart for advanced groups. Of course it's got crazy rhythms and harmony, and the Part Tracks will help your singers with those elements. The bass line from the original transcribed, so your bass player can grab as much of it as they'd like to shed, and they'll have chord changes as well, to play their own figures when they like. Drum part has a lot of hits, keyboard part is detailed, as well, with a few moments of chords and slashes, but also a transcription of DL's keyboard solo. You know you want this one...
Mixed transcribed (notated) and chord chart piano/keyboard,  transcribed (notated) bass (with chords), drums

Commissioned by Folsom High School Jazz Choir, Curtis Gaesser, dir. (2015)
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