One Day I'll Fly Away (SSAATBaB - L5)



Arranged by Sam Robson

Sam Robson, the UK's phenomenal young arranger and a member of an elite class of YouTube's vocal harmony specialists that includes Jacob Collier and Accent, has made his Earth-shatteringly gorgeous arrangement of "One Day I'll Fly Away" available now through Dramatically paced and driving to a powerful finish, the arrangement is sure to give your audience goosebumps and some tears. Edited for publication by Kerry Marsh, this version has a more reachable bass range than Robson's original recording, although it still lands on a D-flat in one spot, and uses an E-flat in another. The notation is laid out such that a persistent melody part often weaves in between the other SSA parts, helping choirs to clarify the melody in this thick-textured writing. Dollison and Marsh have rerecorded the arrangement with these and a few other practical edits, also allowing for Part Tracks and Minus-One tracks.

Below, hear Robson's original recording of his arrangement, and further below, see and hear the edition recorded by Dollison and Marsh.


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