HOLOCENE, NOW AVAILABLE for regular sales!

After about a year delay due to licensening issues, I'm very happy to now be able to offer Bon Iver's "Holocene" for sale at KerryMarsh.com! 

New to the Chart Store: Premium Collection

I've added seven charts to the catalog that were previously unavailable due to licensing restrictions, but are now available at a premium price with a special delivery method. Some of these are arrangements that were formerly available and were removed when their print licenses expired and were not renewable. 

Here are the first seven charts in the Premium Collection:
Premium Collection charts are available for purchase, but they're delivered differently from the rest of my catalog's charts. Here's how it works:

The charts in the Premium Collection are available by special arrangement in which I will apply for and purchase a "Permission To Arrange" license specifically for your group since a normal print sales license is not available to third party publishers. Your purchase covers the cost of this license and a modest processing fee on top of the usual cost of the Chart and Demo, and, as an added incentive, includes all available Part Tracks, Part MINUS Tracks and Rhythm Tracks for that arrangement for no additional charge. 
Premium Collection charts will only be delivered once I've been able to secure your Permission To Arrange license has been obtained, at which point I'll deliver all of your materials. This may take as little as one day and as much as two weeks. If your license is not granted for some reason, I will issue you a full refund for your purchase price.

After you complete your purchase of a Premium Collection chart, please contact me via email to start the process of obtaining your Permission To Arrange license, so I can deliver your chart as quickly as possible.

Now Available: Music of Groove For Thought

I'm incredibly pleased to announce the arrival on the KerryMarsh.com of the music of Groove For Thought!


Nine arrangements of Kelly Kunz and his GFT collaborators are now available for purchase for the first time, with Part Tracks, Part MINUS Tracks, Rhythm Tracks (on three of the accompanied charts), and two with optional big band accompaniment. Click the banner above to go directly to the new "Music of Groove For Thought" page in the Chart Store to hear the full-length demos and check out perusal pages, and now your ensemble an perform the music of this stunning professional group!

Now Available - Time After Time (the standard, not Cyndi Lauper, silly)

Happy to announce a new Starter Series (Level 2) samba chart on "Time After Time", just now added to the catalog. It's available in two voicings; SATB and SAB, and has notated piano and bass parts. Accessible for your students and a good opener for a set, with a happy, uplifting feel, some solo space, and a cool interlude section with some additive figures. 


Now Available - Bobby McFerrin's Meditative "Common Threads"

This arrangement can be considered a great option for a yraditional choir/vocal jazz crossover! Beautiful and meditative, this wordless Bobby McFerrin song from his album "Medicine Music" is easy to sing, with more melodic responsibility on the soprano section than the rest of the ensemble. Vibes add a nice color on this piece but aren't completely necessary, and a synth using a warm pad patch is preferable when possible, but acoustic piano would serve as a good substitute. A soloist adds colors to the steady and flowing soundscape.