Broadcasting LIVE at

This summer, while I'm endeavoring to write about 30 (or more) new vocal jazz charts, I'll be broadcasting the writing and recording processes live at, and the videos will be archived there as well. I've just finished writing a new Foldschoir chart on "Erase Me", and parts 1 and 2 of that chart-writing are posted now, and the following broadcasts will be coming up next, in roughly this order:

1. Rewrite of Julia's arrangement of "The Song Is You"
2. All Of Me (John Legend) - A cappella chart with reharm
3. Travelin' Light (SSAA) - Med-up swing version
4. Holocene (SSATBaB with piano) - Bon Iver tune
5. Time After Time (SAB and SATB) - Samba chart for the Starter Series
6. When You Say Nothing At All (SSAA) - Treble chart on the Allison Krauss tune
 - Break for writing the Folsom Marching Band Show (not broadcast)
7. Ready, Aim, Fire (mixed chart) - Jo Lawry, for Sierra College
8. The Bones of You (mixed chart) - Elbow, for Folsom High
9. Comment Allez Vous (mixed chart) - Based on Blossom Dearie version, for Hutchinson Comm. College
10. Roller Coaster (mixed chart) - Dirty Loops version of Bieber tune, for Folsom High
11. I'll Be Seeing You (mixed chart) - Based on Cassandra Wilson version, for Folsom High
12. Malaga (mixed chart) - Kenton band tune, for Sacramento State
13. Common Threads (SSATBaB with vibes, etc.) - Bobby McFerrin tune
14. Con Man (mixed chart) - Dispatch tune, for Portsmouth Abbey
15. Blues/Swing chart (original?) for Eckstein Middle School
16. SSAA chart #1 for Fairview High School
17. SSAA chart #2 for Fairview High School
18. SSAA chart #3 for Fairview High School
19. Mixed chart for Fairview High School
20. SSAA chart for Georgiana Bruce Kirby Prep
21. Up-tempo a cappella chart for Sacramento State
22. Opener for 2015 Fall Vocal Lab set
23. Rememberence (mixed chart), Bobby McFerrin tune, for 2015 Fall Vocal Lab set
24. Silver Blues (mixed chart), Deborah Brown tune, for 2015 Fall Vocal Lab set
25. Spring Releaf (mixed chart), Geoffrey Keezer tune, for 2015 Fall Vocal Lab set
26. What Did You Dream (mixed chart), Dan Gailey tune, for 2015 Fall Vocal Lab set
27. From This Moment On (mixed chart), For Alfred Publications
28. Come On Home (mixed chart), license pending
29. Close Your Eyes (mixed chart), license pending
30. Juliet, big band chart for UNC Jazz Lab One's "Romeo and Juliet" project

And likely more! Stay tuned... 


Watch live streaming video from kerrymarsh at

15 for '15...for now! New Charts Now Available, More in June and August.

Check the "New This Year" tab in the Chart Store to see all fifteen of the new May '15 charts, and keep in mind that more will be added before school starts in the Fall, so check back often or look out for your promo emails if you're on my mailing list (and if you're not and would like to be, shoot me a quick message to that effect).

Here are the May '15 fifteen...

Canyon Dust
Devil May Care
Father, Father
Feeling Good 
The Gospel of John Hurt
Hymn of Axciom
I Can't Make You Love Me
Kiss From a Rose
Love For Sale
Lullabye (returning)
Painted On Canvas
Safe and Sound
Send One Your Love
Turn the Beat Around
Green Garden

Coming before your first rehearsals in the Fall:

  • An SATB rewrite of my popular SSAA chart on Sara Bareilles' "Brave"
  • An Mixed and SSAA rewrites of Julia Dollison's chart on "The Song Is You"
  • "Travelin' Light", arranged for SSAA
  • Laura Mvula's "She", arranged by Brad Rees for mixed a cappella
  • "Holocene", by Bon Iver, arranged for SSATB with piano
  • "All Of Me", by John Legend, arranged with modern jazz harmonies for mixed a cappella
  • Our first additions to the catalog from Kelly Kunz in a "Groove For Thought" series


Feels Like Spring: New Products Starting to Roll Out This Month!

For the past year, I've been planning on making a big change to my catalog at, making videos for many/most of the chart demos, as my notation software, Sibelius, has a video export function that's pretty convenient for creating these. What this means is that you'll be able to peruse much of the chart in video form while listening to the demo. A cappella charts will have around half of the chart available to peruse (but not the whole thing, because that would kind of be giving the charts away...bad for business!), and chart with rhythm section will have most or all of the vocal part viewable. Here's an example of a chart that will be added to the catalog soon...

This year's new charts will all have the new video demos, and I'll be working retroactively to create them for the charts from the past five years or so, since those are generally the top sellers. 

SPEAKING OF THIS YEAR'S NEW CHARTS: Here are some of the new titles you can expect to see show up in the catalog very soon:

The Hymn of Acxiom (aca)
Painted On Canvas
I Can't Make You Love Me
Feelin' Good 
Brave (SATB version)
Green Garden
Send One Your Love (aca)
The Gospel Of John Hurt
Father, Father
Canyon Dust
Lullaby (returning to the catalog)
Turn the Beat Around (aca)
Devil May Care (SSAA)
Love For Sale (SSAA)
Safe and Sound (SSAA)
All of Me (John Legend, aca reharmed)

Also some charts from other writers again this year including some charts in a new Groove For Thought series by Kelly Kunz, a Laura Mvula chart by Brad Rees, and a beautiful original from Tom Amend called "The Wind Has a Lot To Say".

AND I've applied for licenses for several new Starter Series and additional easier SSAA charts that I want to write and add to the catalog for the Fall, so be on the lookout for those as well.

FINALLY, a new product that I intend to start rolling out in the Fall, time-pending, is going to be something I'm calling Solo/Audition Tracks, which are meant to help both directors and students regarding the solo features in a piece, both lyric and scat solos. More about those soon!

It's going to be a great refresh to the catalog this year, so check back often to listen to all the demos and pick out some fresh new tunes for your group!


Major Part Tracks Pricing Change

I've cut the price in half for all Part Tracks in which the parts are played by piano (along with the demo). These tracks now cost just $12.50! All Part Tracks throughout the whole catalog are now labeled as either "Sung" or "Played on piano", so that you'll know the difference when purchasing. There really is a difference in the quality of vocal Part Tracks, as students can gain so much from the nuances and style in those tracks, so it finally occurred to me that it was important to distinguish between the two types of tracks in the pricing. 


Announcing Jazz Voice Degrees at UNC

Beginning Fall 2015, The University of Northern Colorado School of Music will offer Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in Jazz Studies with a concentration in voice!  

Vocal students who have an interest in studying jazz at the undergraduate or graduate level should now know that UNC, home of one of the top collegiate jazz studies programs in the world for decades, is now available to them as a great option.  

UNC Vocal Jazz Faculty

Julia Dollison
Applied Jazz Voice Instructor and
Vocal Jazz Solo Workshop Class
(beginning Fall 2015)

Kerry Marsh
Director of Vocal Jazz Ensembles and
Instructor of Jazz Arranging, Music Business, Jazz Methods and Materials
, and Class Jazz Piano

Amy Murphy

Managing Producer of the UNC/Greeley Jazz Festival, Director of beginning and intermediate vocal jazz ensembles, Co-Director of the UNC Jazz Camp

Jazz Studies Degree Program Information Click the link above for degree plan information for the Jazz Studies (Vocal) degree.

UNC School of Music Admissions Click here for more information and to sign up for an audition time.


About the Program:

The UNC Jazz Studies program features four vocal jazz ensembles directed by Kerry Marsh and Amy Murphy. Vocal Jazz majors will study applied jazz voice with Julia Dollison, focusing on idiomatic jazz technique, style, improvisation, solo repertoire and arranging.

UNC Jazz Studies has a long history and a reputation for excellence, having earned well over 100 DownBeat Magazine Student Music Awards, with UNC jazz graduates currently performing, writing and teaching prominently and successfully worldwide. Most recently, UNC Jazz Lab Band 1, under the direction of Dana Landry, has won four DownBeat SMAs in the past five years!  The program currently boasts approximately 40 undergraduate and 20 graduate instrumental jazz studies majors with which our new jazz voice majors will collaborate and share inspiring learning experiences.

Audition Information
Click the link above to download a pdf file containing information about auditioning for the UNC Jazz Studies Degree Programs.

Auditions for the UNC School of Music will be held on February 7th, 16th and 21st, 2015.