Stanton Flemons

Stanton Flemons

Stanton Flemons, a talented singer and musician, discovered his passion for music at an early age. Growing up in a musical household, he began singing close harmony arrangements with his family from the tender age of 7. Their harmonious voices blended effortlessly, creating a magical experience that left a lasting impression on Stanton.

As a teenager in St. Louis, MO, Stanton continued to explore his vocal talents. He sang in several acappella groups, honing his skills and developing a
deep appreciation for intricate vocal arrangements. It was during this time that he also started writing his own songs, a creative outlet that allowed him to express his emotions and experiences.

Stanton’s love for choral music blossomed during high school and college. He became an active
member of high school and collegiate choirs, as well as a collegiate male chorus. The power of collective voices and harmonies resonated with him, and he
knew he wanted to contribute to this rich tradition.

While in college, Stanton stumbled upon two super-groups that would change the course of his musical
journey: The Singers Unlimited and Take 6. Inspired by their impeccable vocal harmonies, he began transcribing their music. This process ignited his passion for arranging and creating intricate vocal harmony.

In 2019, Stanton’s talent caught the attention of five other international YouTube musicians. Together, they formed a group called Chapter Six. Stanton’s arrangement of “The Lord’s Prayer” showcased their collective brilliance, and the group has continued to release captivating acappella videos ever since.

Today, Stanton resides in the Atlanta, GA area with his family. He remains an active participant in local
acappella groups, lending his soulful voice to harmonious melodies. Stanton continues to arrange and compose for Chapter Six, other ensembles, and his personal projects, leaving an indelible mark on the world of vocal music.

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Stanton Flemons

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