SIX DAYS until our new CD drops!!

And here to help us celebrate...Take 6!

Go to to pre-order either your Limited Edition CD ($18.95) or the High Quality mp3 download offer ($12.95) to get the album as soon as possible!


"Vertical Voices: The Music of Maria Schneider" released in SEVEN DAYS!!

And here's how we feel about it....

The VOTD, by the way, is a clip from Tim and Eric Awesome Show: Great Job, a big favorite for Julia and me at the moment.  You can check it out at if you're interested. 

Julia and I are both moving back into major ArtistShare project mode for at least the next seven days.  We've got some content to add to the site for the release, a new promo video (or two) to make, and a series of live performances of the music as well.  The live gigs start with a clinic at the CMEA conference in Sacramento, and that'll be the first time we do the music live with our current setup, which involves the use of Ableton on our new high-end laptop and other assorted fun gear. 

Then, the big event is Tuesday the 16th, which is the release date for the album and the CD release concert at Sac State at 8pm in the recital hall, along with Jazz Singers and C-Sus.  After that we've got a performance at the Salt Lake City Vocal Jazz Festival on Saturday the 27th and a clinic/performance at CSU Long Beach on April 7th and at the UNC/Greeley Jazz Festival on April 22-24.  The last thing on the books, at the moment, is a clinic at the Jazzschool in Berkeley on June 6th. 

It's going to be a really exciting time, and I'll be putting some info in these blog entries, but we'll also be saving some of the details for our ArtistShare site, for the benefit of the people who purchase either the CD or the Download offer.  Take a minute and visit to check out the offers and consider a last-minute pre-order today!!

When I have some free time...

I've got to make some multitrack videos like this one...

But my time is pretty well filled up with, if nothing else, making Part Tracks for this website.  :)  Visit the page to right right to see all the newly made tracks...perhaps something will be useful to you.  There are 26 done, currently, and these 26 account for about 55% of all of my chart sales, historically.  

Part Tracks page now online

If you'll just take a look to your right, you'll notice that I've added a page dedicated to explaining Part Tracks, and giving a current list charts for which they're available.  I finished two more on Saturday...go see which ones!

I saw a Facebook post from my friend and colleague Jeremy Fox, a vocal jazz faculty member at Southwestern Community College in Creston, IA, and he was mentioning how exciting it was to have both m-pact and Rajaton in concert at their school recently.  Uh...yeah.  That's pretty amazing, actually.  How on Earth did you guys pull that off, SWCC???!  So jealous.  It must have been a blast, for sure.  Here's a video-of-the-day featuring both groups performing together in South Korea. 

Give me a gig!

I've missed a couple days of blogging while taking part in an extraordinarily cool vocal jazz festival at Kirkwood College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  There's a strong vocal music and vocal jazz scene in the state, and Ray Salucka and his two excellent groups from Kirkwood, Jazz Transit and RSVP (which have both been excellent for many years) are a huge part of it.  I was struck by the sense of professionalism that surrounded the event due to the hard-working and serious-minded nature of the students in the in the high school ensembles (surely influenced by Ray's groups, which epitomize these traits).  Some really extraordinary singing took place, and a wide variety of repertoire.  Here are the titles featured (with writers or original groups included in cases in which I know that info):

I'm Beginning to See the Light (Kirby Shaw)
Alfie (Phil Mattson)
Chili Con Carne (Real Group/Edenroth)
Old Devil Moon (Paris Rutherford)
Embraceable You
This Little Light of Mine
Wake Up Call (killer arrangement by the group director, Jason Behrens)
Short People (King's Singers)
Danny Boy
Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing (mine)
After You've Gone (Mark Brymer)
When She Loved Me
I Want You
Theme From New York, New York
Baby, It's Cold Outside (Kirby Shaw)
Puttin' On the Ritz (Roger Emerson)
I Didn't Know What Time it Was
Make Someone Happy
Words (Real Group)
Hey Jack
Here's To Life (Mattson)
Get Down
I Can't Believe You're In Love With Me (New York Voices)
I'll Sing For You (Kelly Kunz/Dave Barduhn)
When I Fall In Love (Kirby Shaw)
Sing, Sing, Sing (Norm Wallen)
If I Were a Bell (Paris Rutherford)
Love Psalm (Darmon Meader)
It Don't Mean a Thing (Mac Huff)
Hit Me With a Hot Note (Mac Huff)
Prayer of the Children (Bestor)
Sixteen Tons (Kirby Shaw)
America (Deke Sharon)
In My Life (Jeremy Fox)
Good Old Acappella (Deke Sharon)

And what I can remember from the two Kirkwood groups' sets:

Brand New Day (mine)
His Eye is On the Sparrow (Idea of North)
Golden Rule (The Ritz)
Down to Smoky Joe's (Frank DiMiero)
One Note Samba (Larry Lapin)
Fields of Gold (Greg Jasperse)
More Than Words (mine)
Now...once again, the VOTD is totally unrelated, but it's pretty interesting, and it's the source of the poignant title of today's entry... 

Jaco Pastorius, featured in an instructional video called "Modern Electric Bass"