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Some new charts starting to emerge...

If you've been visiting my website for a while, you might know that I tend to release a big group of charts (this year it'll be around 20 or more) in late May, in time for folks to start browsing charts for next year's groups.  This year, I'm planning on releasing a few charts early, in the next couple months leading up to the big sha-bang.

The first of these is the winner of the Pop Division tournament of Marsh Madness, "The Luckiest", by Ben Folds.  The tune idea was submitted by Riley Garcia, and Julia and I have finished the demo, so I've now posted the chart to the site.  "My Foolish Heart", the winner of the Jazz Division tournament, is technically finished, but I'm having my Sac State Jazz Singers perform it, and we'll be recording in early May, so that one will come out with the big release, I think.  The recording and rehearsal process always leads to at least subtle chart revisions, so I'll hold off on posting that one here for a bit.  Sally Greenaway was the winning tune submitter for that tournament.

Head to the Chart Store to hear the demo on "The Luckiest".  It's about the easiest chart I've ever written, I'd say, and I wouldn't imagine it any other way.  It's such a beautiful composition, and in this case, muddying it up with reharmonization and complex voicings just didn't seem like a good idea.  Also, of course, it's a chart that will be do-able by just about any choir.  Everything's written out, there's a short solo that can be sung by a guy or gal (Julia sings it on the demo), and the voice leading is carefully written.  This one has gone into the Starter Series, of course, and there are Part Tracks and a Rhythm Track available for it.  

The next one to show up on the store should be up VERY shortly...as in, within a few days at most.  It's a Pat Metheny tune...that's all I'll tell you now. :)

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